Fun With Wine

Fresh Pinot Noir Juice!

Ever wonder how best to enjoy the dessert wines?  You’re not alone!  People who have been to the winery know that we have lots of ways to enjoy these wines beyond….well, just drinking them (which is also nice).  Below are some ideas for you.

Late Harvest Riesling:  This is currently the only non-fortified dessert wine we make.  Light, flavorful and sweet, it is best served chilled.  But, we also like to toss a few strawberries or other fruit in the glass; this doesn’t flavor the wine so much, but when you’ve finished the glass, you have “drunken fruit” to enjoy.
I once accidentally half-froze a bottle in the freezer (in my rush to chill it), which resulted in a great wine “slushie”!  Just shake the bottle and pour.

Raspberry and Marionberry wines:  these are made in a port style,and so are higher in alcohol and intense in flavor (they also last for months once opened, without refrigerating).  Use them as you would any liqueur or cordial:
–Pour over ice cream, cheesecake, fresh fruit, yogurt, etc.
–Pour a splash (or more) into your favorite sparkling wine or water, ice tea, lemonade or vodka.  Add a sprig of mint or slice of lemon or lime.
–Make a slushie with ice, or a milkshake.  Add some fresh fruit if desired.
–Freeze a couple of ounces; it won’t freeze all the way, resulting in a sorbet for grownups.  Dixie cups work well for this!
–Freeze it in ice cube trays; then scoop as many as you want into your glass of champagne.
–Make martinis or daiquiries using these for falvoring as desired.
–The Raspberry is very nice drizzled over coffee ice cream, and then shave some chocolate over it all.
–Don’t forget a splash in your hot beverages:  coffee, tea or hot cocoa.

Pear Sherry:  Pairing this with cheeses, fruit and nuts is the classic way to enjoy the buttery, caramel and nut flavors.  But it is also wonderful to cook with.  Cooking seems to release the pear aromas.  Caramelize onions with it, marinate and braise pork chops, pour a splash into your stir-fries and sauces, whenever you want a hint of fruitiness and sweetness.

Rainier Cherry port:  Dip biscotti or sugar cookies into your glass for a sweet treat.  Add a splash of vermouth and pour into a chilled glass for a refreshing aperitif.

Black Cherry port:  Make a sundae with chocolate ice cream, fresh berries and whipping cream, layered with the port.  Or, just enjoy with the best dark chocolates.

Have a new idea for our dessert wines to share with us?  Send us an e-mail at–we love new ideas!